Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee

The Corporation of the City of Brampton

Hybrid Meeting - Virtual Option & In-Person in Council Chambers – 4th Floor – City Hall
Members Present:
  • Glenn McClelland (Co-Chair)
  • Beth Cooper
  • Norman DaCosta
  • Ken Giles
  • Frank Juzenas
  • Ziggy Musial
  • Harnek Singh Rai
  • Ron Noonan
Members Absent:
  • Dean McLeod (Co-Chair)
  • Carmen Araujo
  • Bryan Steve Kerr
  • Randy Osei
  • Mohammad Shoaib
  • Regional Councillor Gurpartap Toor - Personal
  • City Councillor Rod Power - Personal
Staff Present:
  • Kenneth Mair, Rec Spvr, Sports&Comm Partner,
  • Teri Bommer, Coordinator, Sport Liaison
  • Chandra Urquhart, Legislative Coordinator

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

  • SHF005-2023

    That the agenda for the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee meeting of March 2, 2023 be approved as published and circulated.


The Clerk's Office noted comments from Frank Juzenas, Member, regarding Item 10.1. who advised that he was in attendance at the Probus Club meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at Century Gardens. 


Teri Bommer, Coordinator, Sport Liaison, noted as follows:

  • Staff met with an interpretive planner who will assist in creating the stories the Committee would like to share in the space with the focus on the visitor experience
  • Hosting of workshop to review plans is the next step
    • will include the Building Sub-Committee members 
      • to participate in a series of fun, informal activities by the design partners to help to develop the key messages for the exhibits in the new facility
      • to brainstorm ideas that will engage visitors through interactive components and community stories

Ms. Bommer advised that the workshop will be arranged for early April and the Building Sub-Committee members will be invited to partipcate both virtually or in-person.

The following motion was considered:

  • SHF006-2023

    That the verbal update by Teri Bommer, Coordinator, Sport Liaison, re: Building Update on the New Sports Hall of Fame to the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee meeting of March 2, 2023,  be received.


Teri Bommer, Coordinator, Sport Liaison, noted as follows:

  • Annul Induction ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at the Rose Theatre
  • Media release is in progress with Strategic Communications – timeline will be shared once finalized
  • Caterer has been confirmed – members thanked for feedback
  • Invites for past inductees have been approved and will be printed and emailed by the middle of March
  • Gift boxes are being assembled for inductees
  • Based on feedback from inductees complimentary tickets for the event have been increased from two to four tickets  
  • Members who volunteered as chaperones will be paired with an inductee and will be required to attend the event at 4:45 p.m. to meet and with the respective inductee 
  • Emcee responsibilities need to be confirmed

In response to questions Ms. Bommer advised that the biographies for the inductees have been provided to Strategic Communications and the media release is imminent.  Assistance on stage will be provided as required for inductees. 

The following motion was considered:

  • SHF007-2023

    That the verbal update by Teri Bommer, Coordinator, Sport Liaison, re: Annual Induction Ceremony Update to the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee meeting of March 2, 2023 be received.


Glenn McClelland, Co-Chair, advised that two emcees are required for the event. He volunteered to undertake this role and suggested that a member of the Committee may wish to assist him. 

Mr. McClelland volunteered Beth Cooper to share the role with the support of the Committee. Ms. Cooper noted her willingness to assist as emcee.

Ms. Bommer advised that last year's script will be revised accordingly and provided to the emcees.

Ken Giles and Frank Juzenas, Members, provided information on the accomplishments and success of several Brampton athletes in various sports including, women's para hockey, speed skating, rugby, basketball, and soccer, noting that some of the athletes have also achieved success internationally. 

Mr. Juzenas added that Brampton is hosting the Women's World Hockey championship in April 2023 and Brampton Golf Club is hosting the World Junior Girls' Golf championship in October 2023.

1)  In response to questions City Clerk's Office staff advised on the following:

  • attendance at meetings, and the process for termination as outlined in the City's Procedure By-law
  • application process for citizens/existing members to a Citizen Committee
  • the availability of information on the City's website for all Citizen Committees

Committee was reminded to ask questions under the heading 'Question Period' and not under 'Adjournment'.

The following motion was considered:

  • SHF008-2023

    That Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee do now adjourn to meet again on April 6, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.  

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