Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee
The Corporation of the City of Brampton

Meeting #:
Council Chambers - 4th Floor, City Hall - Webex Electronic Meeting
  • Gurpreet Bains (Vice-Chair)
  • Regional Councillor P. Vicente
  • Regional Councillor M. Palleschi
  • Regional Councillor P. Fortini
  • Lucy Papaloni, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
  • Mark Haarmann, Peel Region District School Board
  • Rick Evans, Chair, Downtown Brampton BIA Safety Committee
  • Monica Hau, Region of Peel, Public Health
  • Sandra Solonik, Region of Peel, Human Services
  • Superintendent Navdeep Chhinzer, Peel Regional Police
  • Shahbaz Altaf
  • David Colp
  • Andrew deGroot
  • Danielle Dowdy
  • Liane Fernandes, Central LHIN
  • Jushan Galhan
  • Marcia Glasgow
  • Mbengi Julie Lutete
  • Ivan Marco Macri
  • Peter Shah
  • Vickramjeet Aujla
  • William Vollmar

Note: Members of the public and committee are welcome to attend the meeting in person in the Council Chamber. However, individuals mindful of a need for ongoing social distancing may choose to observe the meeting online via the live stream on the City website, or to participate remotely by registering with the City Clerk’s Office prior to the meeting through the contact details below.


For inquiries about this agenda, or to make arrangements for accessibility accommodations for persons attending (some advance notice may be required), please contact:

Tammi Jackson, Legislative Coordinator, Telephone 905.874.3829, TTY 905.874.2130


Note: Meeting information is also available in alternate formats upon request.

The minutes were considered by Committee of Council on April 13, 2022, and were approved by Council on April 20, 2022.  The minutes are provided for Committee’s information.

The following motion was passed at the March 24, 2022 Brampton Community Safety Meeting:

That the item be deferred to the June 23, 2022 meeting of the Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee.

Council amended and approved the motion in April as follows: 


  1. That the delegation from Pete Danos, Inspector, Road Safety Services, Peel Regional Police, re. Item 12.3 (Committee of Council Recommendation CW162-2022) and Item 13.2 – Establishment of a Road Safety Committee, to the Council Meeting of April 20, 2022, be received;
  2. That the Minutes of the Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee Meeting of March 24, 2022, to the Committee of Council Meeting of April 20, 2022, Recommendations BCS001-2022 to BCS006-2022 be approved as published and circulated, subject to the following amendment to Recommendation BCS005-2022:

To delete Recommendation BCS005-2022 and replace with the following:

Whereas the City of Brampton continues to experience injury related and fatal collisions amongst road users.

Whereas Vision Zero can be summarized in one sentence: No loss of life is acceptable.

Whereas in June 2019 the City of Brampton Council adopted the Vision Zero framework as the foundation to ensuring that our roads are safe for all that use them through a data-driven effort by prioritizing emphasis areas, coordinating with partners and stakeholders to improve road safety and implementing new or expanded safety countermeasures.

Whereas in September 2020 the City of Brampton Council implemented the use of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras to decrease speeding in all community safety zones.

Whereas on December 10, 2020 the City of Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee established a Road Safety Advisory Sub-Committee to address traffic related fatalities and speeding.

Whereas despite efforts to reduce speeding and traffic related collisions the Region of Peel is still reporting a substantial number of traffic related collisions on our Brampton roads.

Whereas the City of Mississauga currently has a Council appointed committee to address road safety issues and the City of Brampton does not.

Whereas a Brampton Road Safety Committee will align core goals and mission with the Vision Zero Task Force and the Regional Community Safety and Well-Being framework.

Therefore be it resolved that Council establish a Brampton Road Safety Advisory Committee, composed primarily of citizen-appointees, to begin for the new term of Council in 2022;

That the Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee be consulted with regard to the draft Terms of Reference for the Brampton Road Safety Advisory Committee.

• Gang and Gun Violence

• Youth Safety and Education

• Domestic Violence

• Priority Neighborhoods

• Road Safety 

15 Minute Limit (regarding any decision made at this meeting)

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