Cycling Advisory Committee
The Corporation of the City of Brampton

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Council Chambers - 4th Floor, City Hall - Webex Electronic Meeting
  • Lisa Stokes (Co-chair)
  • Pauline Thornham (Co-Chair)
  • Leslie Benfield
  • Laura Bowman
  • Alina Grzejszczak
  • Dayle Laing
  • Barry Lavallee
  • Eric Lister
  • Patrick McLeavey
  • Remi Parent
  • Antonio (Tony) Pinheiro
  • Regional Councillor Rowena Santos




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The minutes were considered by Planning and Development Committee on March 7 , 2022, and were approved by Council on April 6, 2022.  The minutes are provided for Committee’s information.

Proposed motion by Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning, Building and Economic Development. 

It is the position of the Cycling Advisory Committee that staff be requested to consider the following bicycle friendly amendments to the applicable City by-laws presented to Committee:

  • that the speed limit on recreational trails be changed from the current 8 km/hour to 20 km/hour and that the following provision be included within the same section of the by-law - "no person shall ride upon or operate a bicycle, skateboard, in-line skates or roller-skates, coaster, scooter, toy vehicle, toboggan, sleigh, or any similar device on a recreational trail or park path recklessly or negligently in a manner dangerous to the public;
  • defining the exception to ride a bike on the sidewalk by age (suggested age of 12 and under) as opposed to the diameter of the bicycle wheel;

  • include a new provision respecting cyclists yielding to buses while engaged in boarding and alighting - "when riding a bicycle on a cycle track, bicycle lane or multi use path approaching a Brampton Transit bus which is engaged in boarding and alighting passengers, the person on the bicycle shall not pass to the right of the bus or approach nearer than 2 metres measured back from the rear or front entrance or exit."
  • repeal the following two provisions relating to riding in a single file and allow the provision within the HTA address the positioning of slower vehicles:
    • Persons operating bicycles upon a roadway shall ride in single file.
    • A person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right hand side of the roadway as practicable and shall exercise due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. 
  • consider the following changes to Section 21 (2) of the Consolidated Traffic By-law respecting bicycle lanes:

Where a lane of the highway has been designated for the use of bicycles only, no person shall: 

(a) drive a vehicle other than a bicycle, public transit, police, fire, emergency medical service vehicle or maintenance vehicle while in-service or engaged in maintenance activities; or

(b) park or stop a vehicle other than a public transit, police, fire, emergency medical service vehicle or maintenance vehicle while in-service or engaged in maintenance activities.

  • with respect to the new Highway Traffic Act definition for "power-assisted bicycle", contained within the Moving Ontarians More Safety Act (June 2021), it is the opinion of the committee that City by-laws be amended to permit and regulate the different classification of power-assisted bicycle based on the following guidance from the committee:

Type A (pedal-driven bicycle) - permitted to ride anywhere a standard bicycle is permitted to ride.

Type B (electric motor scooter) - should be prohibited to ride on a multi-use path, park path or recreational trail (infrastructure shared with pedestrians) and permitted on cycle track, boulevard bike paths and bike lanes. 

Type C (electric motorcycle) - should be prohibited from riding along any infrastructure dedicated to active transportation. 

15 Minute Limit (regarding any decision made at this meeting)

Next scheduled meeting: Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.